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It is important for the client to be fully prepared for the healing process. Although every person has a slightly different experience, the healing phases are described below to prepare you for what you should expect. 


It is extremely important that you follow the aftercare instructions that will be given to you by the Artist. Failing to do so can lead to infection or poor color retention. This is your responsibility so please take it seriously.

before lip blushing


*Client cannot be pregnant or planning to get pregnant during the span of time between initial and touch up appointments


*Client cannot be tattooed during Chemotherapy or if using the pharmaceutical Accutane 

*No use of retinols, alphahydroxy acids or benzyl peroxide *ON THE TREATED AREA* for 10 days before the procedure.

*If you have taken or are taking the prescription pharmaceutical Accutane, you must cease usage for no less than one year prior to procedure

*Do not use any form of hair removal around the procedure area, including waxing, for 2 weeks prior to procedure

*No medical laser treatments (IPL, laser hair removal, etc) near the treated area, or advanced exfoliations (chemical peels, microdermabrasion) for at least 4 weeks before procedure

*No botox or other injectables or fillers within the lips or the areas surrounding, a minimum of 4 weeks before procedure. The lips can take weeks for the swelling to completely alleviate.

*No Microneedling procedures for at least 4 weeks before procedure

*Please avoid any blood thinning agents for 3 days before procedure; this includes alcoholic beverages, vitamin E, niacin, fish oil supplements, ibuprofen and aspirin

*avoid caffeinated beverages the day of your appointment

*no tanning beds or intense sun exposure for 30 days prior to the procedure (especially if the exposure results in a sun burn) this is important so that your skin will optimally retain pigment

*If you normally fill in your brows with makeup and want to keep this same shape, please come to the procedure appointment with your brows filled in so that the technician can follow this template.

*** If you develop cold sores (even a single occurence) you will absolutely need to get a prescription of an anti-viral filled. Your general physician can do this, or you can also get a prescription written through an Urgent Care. Please take 3 days before the appointment, and 5 days after. 

after lip blushing


*Apply tonic with a microfiber brush every couple of hours on the day of your appointment - and the day after.


Apply a THIN layer of ointment multiple times a day for 14 days.


*Be sure to wipe off food and drink after consuming, and not allowing bacteria exposure to the lips for 72 hours.

*Avoid vigorous activity and aerobic exercise that causes sweating for 10 days. 

*Do not shower facing the shower head, exposing the lips to direct water pressure. Avoid steam from long, hot showers for 10 days. 

*No sun exposure, tanning beds or spray tan for 14 days.

*Do not pick or peel any scabs that may form. Texture and flaking is very normal. 

*Be careful not to open the mouth too wide while smiling, to not tear the healing skin.

*Avoid spicy, acidic (lemons/limes) and salty foods while healing. 

*Do not resume any form of hair removal near lips for at least 14 days. 

*Once you resume wearing cosmetics, use only new makeup near the treated area.

lip blushing healing phases

DAYS 1-2 

Lips are very swollen and pigment appears vibrant, and sometimes a more red or orange tone.

DAYS 3-4

Small scabs form over the lip skin with a similar appearance to fish food. 

DAYS 5-6

Pigment scabs start to flake off. The pigment underneath the skin looks muted due to healing skin being opaque.

DAYS  10-14

Lip skin completes healing process and pigment begins to look vibrant again.

DAYS 15-45

Pigment is settling within the skin and still reaching its true healed color. It may be more obvious at this point areas that need more pigment deposit which will be addressed at your follow appointment. 


Time for your touch up! This appointment will focus on reinforcing areas where the retention has been lost, and making any necessary adjustments. Please book 6 - 8 weeks after your initial appointment. 

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