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Microblading  (2.5 hours) $575

Microblading is a procedure in which the brow hairs are individually drawn on with a MB pen and semi-permanent pigment. The results achieve fully reconstructing the brow for hair loss due to health reasons such as alopecia or chemotherapy, filling in gaps and defining an arch on already beautiful brows, or bringing fullness to over-tweezed brows. A customized shape is designed by the artist guided by the client's desires and the anatomy of the client's face. A touch-up appointment is needed 4-6 weeks after the procedure. Once healed, microbladed brows need no home maintenance! For more information click HERE


Powder Brows (Ombre Brows) (3 hours) $600

Powder brow is a technique that sprinkles pixels of pigment throughout the brow somewhat evenly, leaving a look that more resembles makeup application of eyebrow powder. As if you have lightly filled your eyebrows in, this style does not include any hair strokes. Speak with the technician about which style of eyebrow will most complement your facial features and personal eyebrow desires.

Hybrid Brows (Combo Brows) (3 hours)  $600

The Hybrid Brow, also known as Combo Brow, is a mixture of both Microblading and Powder techniques. The style is really geared toward the exact end result desires of the client. Hair strokes are usually placed in the front for a light fluffy start to the brow, and powder added to the arch and tail which adds a little more definition creating a makeup look that is absolutely beautiful. 

Permanent Makeup Removal | Saline Tattoo Removal  

To remove permanent makeup a saline solution is implanted into the skin with a machine or hand tool. The saline solution causes the pigment to rise to the surface of the skin and collect in a scab. The scab flakes away along with the pigment. Saline removal is great for clients that have old permanent makeup that needs to be eliminated. Saline removal leaves the skin healthy and capable of re-tattooing with new Microblading or Powder brows. Saline can be used on eyeliner as well, determined on a case by case basis. For more in depth information about saline removal read our BLOG POST.    (EMERGENCY REMOVAL AVAILABLE WITHIN 72 HOURS AFTER APPLICATION!) If you miss this window then client must wait 6 weeks to heal before proceeding with Saline Removal.

Lip Blushing (3.5 hours) $625

Lip Blushing is a technique that implants a small amount of pigment adding just a small amount of color to the lips. Great for women that get lip injections and need to redefine their vermillion border, aging women that have lost their lip color, or anyone that desires to add a light sheen to their natural lips. Color choice is as subtle or bold as the client desires. 

Eyeliner (3 hours)  $450 - $650

Pricing varies for permanent eyeliner depending on the style and thickness desired. Before your appointment, it is important to decide whether you will want top eyelid, bottom eyelid, or both. And also how subtle or bold you would


Microneedling (90 min)    $350

Micro needling is the ultimate anti-aging treatment. With a long list of imperfections targeted (dark spots or hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, other types of scarring, large pores,). The science behind this is that these tiny needle wounds are recognized by the body and sends fibroblasts and white blood cells to heal the area. Over time and with consecutive procedures, the body relays collagen and elastin that minimize previously listed skin issues. Needling the skin also gives fresh channels into the skin that make product absorption more effective. Pair this with a dermaplane for a fabulous glowing result one week post procedure. Skin will be red for up to 5 days post procedure and client should avoid sunlight while healing post procedure. 

Hair Loss Treatment (time varies)  $350 

Micro needling encourages hair follicles to wake up after they have been inactive for reasons such as diet, hormones, age, hereditary hair loss, stress. The needle wounds signal fibroblasts and white blood cells carried within the blood to rush to the tiny needle channels. The concentration of blood and building block cells flooding to the treated area encourages the resurgence of hair growth. Results are noticeable with each session but much more effective when 3 or more sessions are completed two weeks apart. 



Skin Consultation (20 min)  $25

Not sure where to start? This consultation includes an analysis of your skin type and helps determine what conditions need addressing. Home care regimen and skincare treatment packages will be suggested for client. Apply $25 toward purchase of product or future service. 


Customized Facial *Hydrating | Anti - Aging | Acne*

(50 min)  $80

This facial is relaxing and customized to address the specific needs of the client's skin. Service begins with a deep cleanse, skin analysis and extractions. The facial will also include a massage to decrease stress and tension in the facial muscles, and a mask to supply the skin with antioxidants and hydration. Facial ends with serums, moisturizers, lip and eye treatment. Client will leave feeling pampered and refreshed.

(Add Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Mask to any skincare treatment $30)

(Add Red Light Therapy to any treatment $15)  


Dermaplane (50 min)  $85                   *client favorite*

This is a deep exfoliation service in which a medical blade is used to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, along with the fine vellus hair on the face that trap dirt and oil. There is no downtime associated with this service, and the skin starts to heal immediately, producing new and healthy skin that glows. After the exfoliation is performed, a mask will be applied that instantly hydrates and plumps the skin. Followed by serums, moisturizers, lip and eye treatments.  


Chemical Peel (50 min)  $80

Customized chemical peels require no down-time and address a number of skin issues including brown sun spots, acne scars, fine lines, deep wrinkles, breakouts, uneven complexion and more. Chemical peels jump start cellular turnover, which increases the growth of new, healthy skin cells. 

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Lash Extensions (not available)

    Classic $90    Fill $30

      Hybrid $120   Fill $45

      Volume $155   Fill $55


Brow Lamination  $100

Brow Lamination is very similar to a keratin treatment, but for your eyebrow hair. Do you have coarse hair that grows in a way that is well... interesting? Or desiring just the overall look of these trendy brows seen all over social. The treatment relaxes the hairs and leaves them “behaved’, making it capable for you to style your brows however you would like each morning and they stay that way into the night

Lash Tint  (30 min)  $25

Lashes are tinted black with a vegetable-based tint. Results last 3-5 weeks. 


Brow Tint  (20 min)  $20

​Eyebrow hair is tinted darker with a vegetable based tint. This service enhances the client's natural shape and gives the appearance of fuller brows. Brow tinting is great for brows of all colors and can also cover grey hairs. Results last 3-5 weeks.


Teeth Whitening (30 min) $150

Photosensitive light activated hydrogen peroxide whitening gel treatment. 

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