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Amber will be taking a sabbatical from our Denver location and relocating to Missouri due to family. Aesthetic Finesse endorses the services at Brows by Design and encourages current clients to book with Natalie Grisham. Thank you for all of the continued love and support from our clients during this difficult time!


February 23  9AM-6PM

This class is a foundational course on effectively removing permanent makeup and small tattoos from the epidermis. Saline Removal can remove a tattoo in about half the amount of session as Laser Tattoo Removal, and leaving the skin in a much healthier state. During laser treatments the hair follicles can be indefinitely impaired or the skin traumatized to the point of inability to re-tattoo or apply permanent makeup. Saline Removal is a much safer option. 

Li-Ft is an effective method of Saline Tattoo Removal that removes permanent makeup and small tattoos within 2 - 5 sessions. Saline removal, when performed with proper technique, can safely remove tattoo pigment leaving the client with healthy skin and hair follicles.


Call Girlz Ink 702-809-8237

St. Louis, MO

With Amber Pyse 

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