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What is Microblading?

​A procedure in which individual hairs are drawn by hand with a microblading pen to simulate true eyebrow hair. Cosmetic pigment is implanted just beneath the epidermal layer of skin. The cosmetic pigment used at Aesthetic Finesse is of high quality and does not experience color distortions or bleeding underneath the skin over time, like traditional tattoo ink. 

​Microblading is a procedure in which individual hair strokes are drawn by hand with a microblading needle, simulating real eyebrow hair. ​

  Reasons for Microblading 
It has been researched a lot over the years within the Beauty and Fashion communities, and it has been determined that eyebrows are the most important facial feature. Brows display expression and also frame our face. A person's entire face can be changed with improvements to the eyebrows. 

* you have never grown much hair in the eyebrow area 

* you are losing brow hair as you age 

* you over tweezed (because who didn't in the 90s?) and hair no longer grows 
* you have a condition that has caused you to lose hair such as alopecia, thyroid condition, or chemotherapy
* you would just like to fill in any gaps or sparse areas so that you do not have to spend hours with eyebrow cosmetics 
* you would like to darken the eyebrows because your natural hair color is too light 
* you would like to have an arch that visually lifts the eye area
* your eyesight is no longer strong enough to apply cosmetics on yourself 
* you aren't satisfied with your current brow shape and desire restructuring

How long do Microbladed brows last?

Microblading results last up to three years. Pigment retention depends on a couple different factors. Most importantly, fading can be prolonged by how well the client takes care of their brows in both immediate aftercare of the procedure and continually over time. The client should follow aftercare instructions exactly for prime color retention during the healing process. Once fully healed, client is recommended to wear a hat or sunscreen over the microbladed area when outdoors, since sun exposure can significantly fade the tattoo. Lastly, exfoliating services such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion should be avoided directly around the brow area. 

How is the brow shape determined?

The Microblading Artist and client discuss the desires that the client has for their eyebrows. What is most important is creating the most beautiful eyebrows that meet the client's satisfaction. This is achieved by utilizing the client's facial anatomy and measurements that geometrically place the arch, beginning and ending points of the brow. Nearly every face is unsymmetrical and small adjustments are made to each eyebrow to create symmetry between the two. In certain cases where the client has eyebrows structure that they are pleased with, the artist will only enhance the shape that already exists upon the client's request. 

What is the Microblading procedure like?

Microblading can be intimidating, but your Microblading Artist will keep you reassured and at ease. At Aesthetic Finesse we like to make sure you are fully comfortable mentally and physically. We will discuss the entire procedure and healing process before we begin. Our artist uses numbing agents that keep the procedure painless, only slight discomfort may be experienced in the beginning of the procedure. Once the skin is broken the numbing agents take into full effect and most clients feel no sensation at all. The client is given a handheld mirror and is encouraged to look at the eyebrows halfway through the procedure. A measuring stencil is placed on the client's forehead so that both the artist and the client can be reassured that every part of the brow is symmetrical. ​



*Client cannot be pregnant or planning to get pregnant during the span of time between initial and touch up appointments 

*Client cannot be microbladed during Chemotherapy or if using the pharmaceutical Accutane 

*No use of retinols, alphahydroxy acids or benzyl peroxide for 10 days before the procedure
*If you have taken or are taking the prescription pharmaceutical Accutane, you must cease usage for no less than one year prior to procedure
*Do not use any form of hair removal around the procedure area, including waxing, for 2 weeks prior to procedure
*No medical laser treatments (IPL, laser hair removal, etc) near the eyebrows, or advanced exfoliations (chemical peels, microdermabrasion) for at least 4 weeks before procedure
*No botox or other injectables or fillers for at least 6 weeks before procedure

*No Microneedling procedures for at least 4 weeks before procedure  
*Please avoid any blood thinning agents for 3 days before procedure; this includes alcoholic beverages, vitamin E, niacin, fish oil supplements, ibuprofen and aspirin
*avoid caffeinated beverages the day of your appointment
*no tanning beds or intense sun exposure for 30 days prior to the procedure (especially if the exposure results in a sun burn) this is important so that your skin will optimally retain pigment
*If you normally fill in your brows with makeup and want to keep this same shape, please come to the procedure appointment with your brows filled in so that the technician can follow this template



*The first 2 days the eyebrow area will ooze lymph. It is important to blot this with a clean tissue every hour. If this fluid is not removed, it will dry and contribute to scabbing over the eyebrow area which can pull out the pigment. If you are blotting and you find that the lymph has dried, you can use a slightly damp cotton ball to blot the area. 

*Keep the area moist with ointment for 9 days, applying with clean q-tips 3 times a day for dry skin clients (twice a day for combination skin). Use the q-tip in a rolling motion across the brow area.  

*Apply antibacterial at night only, for 2 days.

*Avoid exposure to water on your brows for 3 days. 

​*Avoid vigorous activity or aerobic exercise for 10 days.

*Do not shower facing shower head, exposing the brows to direct water pressure for 10 days. Also avoid long, steamy showers for these 10 days. 

*No sun exposure or tanning beds for 14 days. 

*You can ice the area to reduce swelling, but limit this exposure to 10 minutes every hour. Longer exposure can leech out pigment. 

*Once you resume wearing makeup (no less than 10 days post procedure), use new makeup only near the treated area.

*Do not pick or peel any scabs that may form.

*Do not use alpha-hydroxy acids, retinals, hydrocortisone cream, benzyl peroxide or other active ingredients for 14 days. 

*Do not resume any form of hair removal for at least 14 days. 

*Avoid blood donation for one year after procedure. 

*In the event that you may need an MRI, inform the MRI technician that you have permanent makeup. A cold compress can prevent a stinging sensation caused by magnets attracting the oxide within the pigment of your brows. 

*Once the treated area is completely healed (3-4 weeks) your brows will be very low maintenance. You can resume all normal activity. It is advised to wear sunscreen or a hat to avoid direct sun exposure on the pigmented area since this can cause fading.


It is important for the client to be fully prepared for the healing process. Although every person experiences a slightly different healing process, these stages are what you should expect. 


It is extremely important that you follow the aftercare instructions that will be given to you by the Artist. Failing to do so can lead to infection or poor color retention; including patchiness, lines that are blurred instead of crisp, and healing grey. This is your responsibility so please take it seriously.  

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