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Class Price is $3000. Purchasing this item is only covering the $600 deposit to hold your spot for the class. The remaining balance of $2400 is due on or before the day before the class starts.


After attending our Microblading Training in St. Louis, MO, students will
-be knowledgeable of different application techniques and when each should be used based on a particular client.
-be able to identify skin type, undertones, lifestyle and environmental issues that will be the basis of color theory.
-fully understand color theory and choosing correct pigments and modifiers.
-know 2 brow mapping methods to design an awesome brow shape. 
-know the proper techniques required to implant pigment into the epidermis with a Microblading tool. 
-know how to properly sanitize/sterilize before and after procedures, and avoiding cross contamination during procedures.
-know how to prepare for the client and set up a sterile work environment.
-learn to have genuine concern for the client’s outcome, color, shape, symmetry, and overall aesthetic appearance of permanent makeup on the client.
-know how to evaluate and perform touch up services for each client.
-know how to correct their own work, if need be, and how to approach Microblading corrections when performed by another artist (and what to do when previous work cannot be corrected).
-have consent forms and legal documents to use in the future with their clients.
-take home a Microblading kit that will supply the artist for 20 clients.
-know how to professionally handle themselves in this industry practicing good business ethics.

3 Day Microblading Training

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