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My 3 Day Microblading Course is a great class for both beginners and experienced artists. I have created a well rounded class that includes both fundamental and advanced techniques. I believe in learning as much as possible within this industry, and I'm always attending continuing education classes. Through these advanced classes and my own experience with over 3000 clients, I have collected what I believe to be the most influential techniques and skills that have created the Microblading Artist that I am today. I am passionate about creating artists, (not just relaying the information)!


Students will be knowledgeable of the following

Different application techniques and when each should be used based on a particular client.

Identify skin type, undertones, lifestyle and environmental issues that will be the basis of color theory.

Color theory and choosing correct pigments and modifiers.

Properly sanitize/sterilize before and after procedures, and avoiding cross contamination during procedures.

Genuine concern for the client’s outcome, color, shape, symmetry, and overall aesthetic appearance of permanent makeup on the client.

Professionally handle themselves in this industry practicing good business ethics.

How to evaluate and perform touch up services for each client.

How to correct their own work, if need be, and how to approach Microblading corrections when performed by another artist (and what to do when previous work cannot be corrected).

Students will receive all insurance and client consultation/ consent forms used for Microblading Procedure, and know which clients and skin types can be a contraindication to Microblading.

Students will know aftercare for clients to follow and receive written instructions to give to clients. 


Sanitation & Sterilization Theory

Microblading Hair-stroke Patterns

Brow Mapping & Facial Anatomy

Technique (including proper depth, angle and stretch)

Skin Analysis & Histology

Color Theory

Client Consultation & Contraindications

Equipment, Supplies and Product

Numbing Agents

Business Ethics

Students are encouraged to bring a model the last day of class

. Prerequisite for this course: Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate. Haven't completed this yet? CLICK HERE

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